Behind The Brand

About Us

Arture is a millennial art gallery, founded by two 20-year-old’s in Toronto, Canada during the summer of 2016. Back in high school, Austin (Founder 1) felt a creative force pulling him & he found his desire to help artists get more well known. He made an Instagram account where he reposted local artists, & shared their stories. That is where this journey started for him.
Ben (Founder 2) had a different idea that came to him when he was traveling in Kenya. He met an incredible artist by the name of Emmanuel.
Emmanuel was so talented but didn't have the financial means to advertise, or sell his own work.
With the desire to help artists, & the entrepreneurial zeal to make Art exciting, Arture was born.

Our Mission

The mission of Arture is to help people, & offer some positivity to whoever is willing to accept it. We are young, bright, courageous individuals who love what the current world has to offer. Sure, there are terrible things going on in the world right now & by no means do we love those parts of life... but such is Life! History has proved that every generation has had setbacks, & every generation had to deal with BS.

We were like most people at one point; tired of the way things are. Instead of dwelling, we decided to make a change. We try our best to enjoy the little moments, share more time with people we love, & most of all, stay positive every day. Even when the times are tough, we remember how lucky we are to wake up & have a chance at making our dreams become reality.

With every morning, you too are given a chance to make something you are proud of. We aim to make not only a community around us but a family of young talented individuals who are waking up positive & ready to attack whatever opportunity arises in their day.   

Our Goal

Our goal is to make people happy, and we aim to provide some great experiences for the customers who take interest in our product. Even if you don't buy from us, we hope that reading this little message has inspired you to listen to the voice in your head that says "Go For It!"
Without having a positive mindset, it is incredibly hard to wake up & chase your dreams. If you double down on who you are & what you enjoy, life becomes a lot more enjoyable.
Our goal is; To live a happy life & ensure that we are bringing positivity to whatever environment we find ourselves in.